“Taking a break” vs “Slacking off”

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There are a few themes that we discuss here at Tri Swim Coach, and sometimes they may sound contradictory.

For example, we talk about the importance of breaks, rest, recovery, and avoiding over-training.

We also talk about not taking too much time away from the pool, or from training in general, as it’s so much harder to get it back than to stay on it.

Sometimes, people in the northern hemisphere this time of year start to turn “rest” into “slacking off”.

Sometimes these breaks are warranted. Maybe you had a few races over the year and needed the physical and mental recovery time.

But other times- and you likely know if this is you- these breaks are extended a little too much- and the thought becomes “Eh, I’ll just get back in shape in the new year!”

You’re basically borrowing energy from your future self so you can train your coach-potatoness today.

The payback in January will be brutal.

As opposed to another way of doing it:

1. Take time off from training altogether (1-3 weeks)
2. Continue to get in the water 3x a week, but be a bit less concerned with your totals. Instead focus on fun & form.
3. Take up or resume another hobby
4. Work on strength training

So instead of laying all the burden on your future self, consider this mindful approach of staying in shape- cutting back on training time while accomplishing what you need to accomplish at the same time.

And befriending the water as you go. 🙂