Building consistency part 1

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Many factors go into successful beginner and intermediate triathlon training programs, but for the swim, maybe the biggest factor is….. CONSISTENCY Consistency does not mean you have to swim everyday. But it does mean you stick to a regular and frequent schedule of swim practices. Creating a program that allows you to be consistent can […]

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Project #SwimReboot Week 5: Fitting everything in

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Continued from Part 4: Retesting One of the biggest issues (and I am sure you can all relate) I have faced in project #swimreboot is not the workouts themselves (although they have been challenging in a good way). It is trying to fit everything in. Over the past four weeks, I have found some good […]

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Swimming up stream in a pool

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Over the weekend, the world’s best competed in Chattanooga at the 70.3 world championships. From all reports, the course was definitely championship quality with a partially against current swim, plenty of climbing, and an undulating run. Athletes had their training cut out for them. The up river swim in particular got me thinking about how […]

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Fall in love with swimming to get faster

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Triathlon coaches hear this all the time: “I just want to survive the swim” “Once I get on the bike, I will be fine” “I suck at swimming” “I have a love-hate relationship with the water. I love it because it makes me a triathlete; but I hate it because it’s swimming” “Thank goodness the […]

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