3 ways to expend less energy in the water but go faster

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Triathlon swimming is all about increasing your speed while decreasing the amount of energy required to do so. Beginner swimmers are incredibly bad at doing this. Most of the time they expend more energy and get slower! They might do a 50 m sprint and feel like they went all out only to see a […]

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I’m rebooted! #SwimReboot Lessons Learned

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(Continued from #SwimReboot 9: KISSing in the New Year) Almost 16 weeks ago, the Tri Swim Coach team and I launched project #swimreboot. The main purpose of the project was to provide you tips on how time-strapped athletes can improve your swim without spending hours and hours in the pool. We wanted to show you […]

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Focus on Drills for Progress

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Lissa Henderson here.  During my swim practices growing up, there was nothing that I dreaded more than a giant set full of freestyle drills. Well, except maybe an entire workout made up of butterfly sets. Those were the worst. 4000-6000 yards made up of 80% butterfly? No thank you. Those dreaded drill sets just bored me […]

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Improve Freestyle Stroke Technique – Issue #36

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Improve Freestyle Stroke Workout Of The Month Cut down the distances as needed for your training! Cruise= an interval you can make 100’s on comfortably with :10-15 rest between each DPS= maximum Distance Per Stroke 3/4 Catchup= freestyle, almost touch your hands in front on each stroke (come about 3/4 of the way to touching) […]

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