Swimming Training Solo or With a Group – Issue #13

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Workout Of The Month- FEBRUARY

Every 4th lap backstroke
Breathe every 3 strokes on freestyle
4×200’s free
Build each 200 (start slow and get faster throughout swim) Count strokes and decend stroke count by 50 within each 200
Rest= :30 between 200

MAIN: 5×500’s
#1 Broken by 50 @ cruise interval
#2 Broken by 100 @ cruise interval
#3 Straight 500- maintain lowest stroke count per 50 while maintainig cruise pace
#4 Broken by 100 w/Fists only @ cruise +:15
#5 Broken by 50. Kick on your side with HydroFinz or Zoomers. Decend 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20
Rest = :10 or cruise +:25

6×50’s Easy
Rest= :20
Breathe every 3 strokes on odd 50’s

Total Yards/Meters: 4100

Cruise = an interval you can comfortably make with 10-15 seconds rest
Descend = Start out easy and get faster throughout the set

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Training Tip #13
With swimming training for an open water swim, part of your training should be in an environment similar to the one you will be racing in. If you are doing an ocean swim, don’t let the race be the first time you set foot in the ocean! It’s important to get your body used to the water temperature so it is not as much of a shock on race day. Also, specifically with ocean swimming, getting used to waves, tides, salt water, and not being able to see to the bottom the whole time will pay off on race day!