Swimming training plans: Meant to be broken?

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Work-out Plan

Swimming Training Plans

Many of you are already planning your training and racing scheduling for next year. Laying out a schedule might seem simple enough but it is incredibly hard. Obviously hiring an experienced coach who can modify training from week to week in your lead up to your “A race” is the ideal but some prefer to and enjoy experimenting by doing it themselves. If you fit into this DIY approach, here are some things to consider:

  • Online programs do not fit everyone: Online programs are built for the norm and thus do not work for everyone. They need some individualization depending on other life commitments, current fitness level and experience, training-stress acclimation, and history of injury. Even our own TSC plan needs tweaking here and there (if you have questions, let us know).
  • Be realistic: When designing your training program, be realistic with how much time you actually have. We all would (well, at least I would) love to be able to train 25-30+ hours a week, but that simply is not realistic given my other commitments. If you lay out an extreme plan, chances are you will not be able to complete it and thus get frustrated. It is better to be honest with yourself and be consistent with the program than try to attempt too much and fail because of injury, burnout, or stress.
  • Realize that it will change: It is very rare that someone gets through an entire season without an incident or some sort of hiccup. Plans are just plans and not set in stone; they are meant to be changed if needed. Sometimes you find that a plan will be too easy so you will need to increase volume or intensity while at other times you will need to scale back. Be flexible and just roll with it.