Swimming Tips for Triathlon – Issue #98

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Swimming Tips for Triathlon

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the new year!

Here at Tri Swim Coach, we’ve got a new logo, new DVD, and next week will have a new website!

I hope you are planning new things for the year.

I’d like to make a swimming suggestion: how about learning how to do a flip turn? I get asked about this often, but don’t spend a ton of time on it, since there is so much else to discuss with freestyle!

For an excellent lesson on flip turns from D3 Multisport, with video demonstration, click here!

I’ve never seen a better lesson/demonstration of flip turns online. I know it may seem pointless since most triathlons don’t involve flip turns, but it is important to learn to do them to keep your stroke rhythm going- not to mention to keep up with your intervals and teammates- and build better abs!

The themes for 2008 will be: different, new, fun, better, and faster!


“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.”
-T.S. Eliot

The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming comes to life! The Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD now on sale.

After many months in production, The Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD is ALMOST finshed! Within a few days, I will be sending it to stores and distributors….but before that happens I wanted to allow you as a faithful Tri Swim Coach subscriber the chance to order your copy at a discount!

Swimming is the most difficult leg of the triathlon for most beginners and can be frustrating and even miserable! Discover the secrets of triathlon swimming through this 40-minute DVD by Tri Swim Coach and me, Kevin Koskella!

The Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD covers:

  • A series of drills, both beginning and advanced level, to bring your freestyle to it’s peak performance potential
  • What you need to know about open water swimming and racing
  • The how’s and why’s of workouts- what you need to be doing in swim training to get ready for your next triathlon

You will discover how to:

  • Swim freestyle better and easier than you ever imagined, with much more confidence, almost instantly
  • Conserve energy while swimming just as fast or faster than before
  • Prepare for your first race or help improve your stroke and workout routines to get the most from your swim
  • Make swimming the best part of your race
  • Overcome unnecessary pre-race anxiety
  • Have more confidence swimming in the open water with no surprises or unnecessary problems
  • Have more fun while competing
  • Compete in more triathlons
  • Know exactly what you’re doing when you get to the pool to train

The perfect introduction to triathlon swimming for beginners or a great complement to The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming!

Click here to watch the trailer and to order today!

Tip of the Month- Slow Progression

A topic that came up in the Beginner Triathlete chat forums last night was, how quickly to add distance to your workouts in swimming?

There’s no “one size fits all” here, but generally, you want to be conservative when increasing the distance of your workouts. Focus on your technique first with drills, then decrease the amount of drills you do and increase your yardage by about 200-400 per week, depending on what level you started at.

Doing too much too soon will not only put you at risk for a shoulder injury, it may impede your progress in developing your technique.