Swimming Stroke Count – Issue #31

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Swimming Stroke Count

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Keep working on those drills for now and get ready to work hard in the new year!


Workout of the Month

Emphasis: Balance in the water and endurance
Drills: Shark Fin- kick on your side, lift your elbow straight up, and drag your hand up to your goggle line, as if doing a freestyle recovery stroke. Pause in “shark fin”, slide hand back to your side, roll to your back and breathe. Repeat.

Fists- Normal freestyle with hands closed.

Cruise= an interval you can comfortably make 100’s on with 5-10 seconds rest.
Descend= Get faster through set.

WARM UP: 300 Free, every 3rd length kick on your side (belly button facing the wall)

DRILL: 4×125’s, 50 Shark Fin, 50 Free w/Fists, 25 Swim

MAIN: 12×100’s
#1-4 w/Fists on Cruise + :15. Just make the interval.
#5-8 50 Fists/50 Swim on Cruise + :10. Just make interval.
#9-12 on Cruise interval. Descend through #12.
BREATH CONTROL: 2×200’s Breathe every 3-5-3-7 strokes by 50’s, rest=

WARM DOWN: 200 Easy Free

TOTAL: 2600 Yards or Meters

Training Tip: Stroke

When you are doing a long swim in the pool, count your strokes. Don’t worry about the number of strokes it takes you at first- there is no perfect number, and everyone will be a little different. Work on picking up your pace while either maintaining your original stroke count, or going for less strokes per length (or every 2 lengths, if that is easier to keep track of).

The goal here is to maximize your distance per stroke and keep your pace without kicking harder.

Happy New Year!

2005 will be the best year yet for Tri Swim Coach.

Keep reading and practicing and we will be announcing U.S. clinics very soon. Stay tuned!