Swimming Pool Workouts for Triathlon – Issue #67

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Swimming Pool Workouts for Triathlon Newsletter

Today I am writing you from Boise, Idaho on a short business trip, and I am developing lots of empathy for many of you who travel and struggle to find pools to keep up on your swim practice and workouts in!

I know there are a few pools here but it’s summer and many of them are being used constantly, and masters or group swims are really hard to come by.

Anyway, a recommendation I have had success with finding pools in the past is http://www.swimmersguide.com. It has lists of pools in cities throughout the world! It leaves you travelers no excuses for missing swim workouts!

Another workout today to help with endurance while keeping your stroke in gear.


“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.”
-Elbert Hubbard

Workout of the Month

Sometimes keeping it simple is best.

Descend= get faster throughout the set
DPS= Distance Per Stroke
Free Golf= Count strokes and get your time for each 50. Add these 2 numbers together for your “score”. Try to lower your score for each 50. When you’ve reached your lowest number, keep it there for the rest of the set.
Cruise= an interval you can make 100 yard or meter swims on comfortably with about 5-10 seconds rest. (i.e. for 200’s, double your interval).

WARM UP: 4×150’s
#’s 1,2) Free, DPS
#’s 3,4) Every other length non-free
Rest= :20 btw each 200
8×50’s: Free Golf @ 1:00 or Rest= :15

MAIN: 8×200 @ Cruise + :15
First 50 of each 200 swim with your fists and think about hip rotation. Swim the last 150 freestyle.

SPRINT: 8×50’s
Descend 1-4, 4-8
Rest= :15

WARM DOWN: 200 Alternate Free/Backstroke by 25’s. Extend and glide on each stroke.

TOTAL: 300 Yards or Meters