Swimming in Cold Water – Issue #27

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Dear Friend,

I hope your swim training is continuing to go very well! In the efforts to keep up your interest in swimming, and perhaps realize you are not alone in working through all the challenges that go along with this sport, today I am including a success story from one of my swim lesson pupils and long-time Tri Swim Coach subscriber, Kimmie Blake.

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Swim on,

Real Life Subscriber Story
Kimmie Blake, Houston, TX

I can’t remember if I told you about the Cinco Ranch Triathlon. See photo attached. (my friend John is #638, I’m #639 :-), my boyfriend Walter is #640 – it was his first triathlon) Well, the three of us drove to Witchita Falls, Texas on Friday to ride in the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred on Saturday morning. John and I did the 100 mile ride while Walter competed in the race. We drove back to Houston Saturday evening, cleaned our bikes (tons of mud from HHH) and ate salmon, more carbs and hydrated. Met up Sunday morning for the Cinco Ranch tri! We all finished it, met up with friends afterward and couldn’t wait for Monday to come for a little sleep. It was a heck of a weekend. My swim time was not all that great (18:40 850 meters) but I was pleased to get out of the water after the century ride the day before. (my first century BTW)

My NYC Triathlon time was more on par for what I’m aiming to improve on for the next season. (1500 meters 24:29) Anyway, I get a good laugh out of even talking about swim times when in March 2004 all I thought I could do was just learn to swim, maybe. Then, Kevin waved his magic wand!! I still have much to work on, but you have given me the foundation for getting it right. I even *like* the craziness of the swim starts. I’ve found that I like the open water better than the pool. Weird since I was such a chicken a few months ago.

Training Tip of the Month:  Acclimate your body to cold water.

If you have a triathlon coming up and the water will be cold, your body will be in shock when you hit the water if all you’ve been doing is training in 80 degree pool water. Start doing some swimming in cold water at least 6 weeks out from the race to prepare your body for what it will experience on race day. You’ll be clad you did!