Swimming For Triathlon: Tri Swim Secrets Preview

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Swimming for Triathlon Mastery

Here’s a video I did showing the insides of our triathlon swimming membership site. When I did this video, it was called “Tri Swim Secrets”, we have since changed the name to Tri Swim Pro.


Hi it’s Kevin with Triswimcoach and I wanted to show you a little preview of the inside of triswimsecrets membership site and this is a course. This is a six month course and there are six modules and it’s a progression. You start out at module one here which is freestyle stroke intensive. Basic balance drills, a lot of drills that month. The next month you move up and progress to stroke optimizing and endurance building. Then it goes to speed. We start introducing weight training, strength training. Then we start to add in some of the extras like flip turns, sighting, open water swimming tips. And then after that we get to some more speed and more technical aspects of the stroke that are easier to implement later then right away and then we finish with some ideas on how to taper ie how to train specifically for the open water.
So that’s kind of how it’s laid out. The way this course goes, the way this membership works is this is where you can login to the dashboard and then you’ve got several features. I’ll start with the top. So the forum is the place you can go to ask questions. I’m in there and we have other members that you can talk to. I’ll answer your questions in the forum. We’ve got a variety of topics and a lot of stuff just comes up and open water swimming is a really popular topic; drills, which drills are the most important; how do you recover? Just a lot of variety of questions here, but it’s somewhere you can specifically ask questions about swimming and I try and get back to them as fast as possible.

Our chat room. We have a chat once a month. The last Tuesday of every month. I usually send out an email to the list of members to let them know we have a chat coming up and that’s where you can get real personalized because we usually only have a few people on the chat so it’s a chance for you to do or questions you want answered I can answer them there.
Frequently asked questions. This is something that just kind of explains again how the course works. Things that come up over and over again.

And then we have our support. If you ever need anything you just click on that button and you can contact us and we’ll take care of it.

On the right column we have the latest updates. Anything that I’ll post I’ll put in the latest updates and that means like a chat session coming up or if I post a new article or ebookor something like that I’ll put it in the latest updates.
This next section, the members stroke review, is a new feature. This has been really popular in the last month. We’ve just got a ton of people uploading their videos and then what I do is I review the video. I send them an email with pointers on what they need to work on. What exactly are the stroke flaws and drills that they can improve on those and so then Igo and upload them here in this section and you can click on them yourselves. You have access to these videos so you can see other peoples strokes and see what I’ve said because there are a lot of overlap here and so you’ll that what one person does a lot of people will do the same way and then I outline what exactly is going on right below the video. A lot of people can get over the water and under the water video footage which is really great because I can see everything that is going on there.
That’s a really great learning area and then all of the modules. Each one has four sections so four weeks. It’s broken into four weeks and each module has an intro and four weeks so each week usually has an intro and then a video and then an article and a workout and sometimes I put in two videos depending on what we’re doing. At the beginning there are a lot of drills so I’ll have a video that covers the first drill and then I’ll have another video that covers the next drill.
There’s a lot to each of these modules. If you follow along you should start seeing results pretty quickly. I would say within the first couple of months you should start seeing feeling better in the water and then you’ll be ready for the speed work that everybody really wants. How to get faster.

That’s pretty much the triswimsecrets course and then we have bonuses. I didn’t mention that. I added a few bonuses to the course. When you join you get a fitness ebookand a bonus interview about nutrition with a pro-triathlete, and then there’s a strength training program. I’ll be adding additional bonuses as well. I’m planning on doing some more interviews and some other things. Whenever I add a bonus here it will be, you will be able to access it right away.
That’s pretty much triswimsecrets and if you have any questions, let us know. The sign up button is on this page. You can go ahead and click on that if you want to get started right away.