Swimming for health: Can Swimming Slow The Aging Process? – Issue #105

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Swimming for Health

Dear Friend,

Just so you know that all the swimming you are doing (or are about to do!) is for a good cause, beyond just improving your triathlon times, or being able to finish a race, I think it’s important to mention the health benefits we get from swimming.

I’m coming up on my last week living in Australia, likely the swimming capital of the world. Most of the population lives on the sun-splashed coast and love to swim! Is it any wonder residents of Australia have the 3rd highest life expectancy in the world according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics? (although this could be due to their lack of worry about anything too!)

According to a recent study done by a research team at Indiana University, regular and moderately intensive swimming can significantly delay the decline of such age markers as blood pressure, muscle mass, blood chemistry and pulmonary function.

On top of all this anti-aging, swimming can be a great aerobic workout that can aid injured muscles by increasing blood flow to them, or just relax sore muscles that go along with other sports like biking and running.

Aren’t you excited now to jump in the pool or your local body of water??


“You see, it’s never the environment; it’s never the events of our lives, but the meaning we attach to the events – how we interpret them – that shapes who we are today and who we’ll become tomorrow. ”
-Tony Robbins

Workout of the Month

Think about your head position throughout this workout! Your head should be sitting on your spine just as if you were standing at attention, looking down at the pool bottom as you rotate your hips.

Cruise= an interval you can comfortably make 100 yard or meter swims on consecutively with about 5-10 seconds rest. For 200’s just double the interval.

Warm Up: 300, every 3rd length kick (no board, head down, breathe in front- fins ok)

Drill: 4 x 100: Use snorkel (if available), focus on looking at the pool bottom as you rotate your hips. If snorkel is not available, use fins and breathe every 3-5 strokes. Rest= :15

Main: 4 x 75
4 x 200
4 x 75
75’s: Descend (faster) 1-4. Rest :10 between 75’s
200’s: On Cruise +:05 interval. Maintain pace and form. Think about head position.

Warm Down: 200, Breathe weaker side on odd lengths

Total: 2300

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