Swimming Equipment: What do triathletes need?

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Triathletes seem to love their toys and gadgets! Whether it’s the latest gauge for the bike, the highest-tech running show on the market, or a SwiMP3 player for swimming, part of the fun of this sport seems to be collecting the latest and greatest in equipment.

But what do you really need for swimming? Not a lot! It is generally the cheapest of the 3 disciplines. Here’s a quick list of what you need:

1. Swim suit. Not to say that we all don’t look fantastic in the buff, but some people can get uptight.

2. Goggles. You CAN build up a tolerance to chlorine in your eyes, but you still won’t be able to see much underwater. And in the ocean the stinging may kill you!

3. Towel. Okay, you can do without this and use the drip-dry method or borrow your training partner’s towel every time, but the former is inefficient and the latter can be rude if it happens too much!

4. Swim Cap. Only if you have long hair.

“Should haves”:

1. Fins. Great for drills. I recommend Zoomers Z2’s. For 20% off just go to www.www.triswimgear.com and use discount code ‘aggies20’.

2. Anti-chlorine shampoo/body wash. Chlorine is a chemical and can do bad things to your hair and skin. I recommend Tri-Swim products.

Stay away from:

1. Kickboards: Force you on your stomach, give you artificial buoyancy. Cheating!
2. Pull Bouys: Give you artificial buoyancy. Cheating!

1. Snorkels. Definitely beneficial with training your lungs and working on your stroke without breathing.
2. SwimMP3 player. Music while you swim! It can be nice on your long swim days. 20% off here with discount code ‘aggies20’.

Overall, keep equipment to a minimum for a better swim!