Swimming and Fat Burning – Issue #79

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Swimming and Fat Burning Newsletter

Tri Swim Coach in Hawaii

Dear Friend,

I hope you had a nice holiday!

For the first week of the year I visited Kona, Hawaii- the birthplace of the Ironman, in addition to being one of the best places on earth!

From incredible hiking to 80 degree ocean water to sea turtles and rainbow-colored fish, this place has it all.

After taking a drive up to the north part of the island one day, on the way back I started getting really tired. Then I realized, I just completed the bike portion of the Ironman- in a car!

I have a new found respect for anyone who has done an Ironman race, let alone THIS Ironman.

The picture of me is right where the swim start of the Ironman is. Only 2.4 miles out there before your 112-mile bike and marathon run- just another fun day at the beach!

Since it is New Years Resolution season, I’m dedicating this issue to general fitness and fat burning.


“I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the year’s.”
-Henry Moore

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Tip of the Month- Meals & Fat Burning

Eat Early & Often

It is often difficult to know exactly how much and when to eat when you begin to train for an event like a triathlon. If you are looking to lose a few pounds in the process, NEVER EVER EVER skip breakfast or lunch!!!! This will NOT help you lose that weight (and it will make you sluggish and even cranky!)

Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. Fruit, whole grains, healthy fats (like nut butters), low fat meats, and vegetables are the way to go.

Snacking is also key to keeping the fat burning alive throughout the day. It’s healthy and it’s fun! Think nuts, all natural nutrition bars, fruit, yogurt. Eating 5 times a day is not too much, especially if you are swimming, biking and running to get ready for a race!