Swim Workout For Beginner Triathlete – Issue #42

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Swim Workout for Beginner Triathlete

Workout of the Month

It’s good to mix it up and keep things interesting. This workout definitely requires you to have your endurance built up. If you are just beginning, feel free to shorten each set to what you can do.

Remember, never sacrifice technique for speed or distance!

Cruise= an interval you can make 100s on comfortably with about 5-10 seconds rest.
DPS= Distance Per Stroke (long strokes)
Finger Tip Drag= Freestyle, drag your fingertips across the top of the water on recovery. This
helps you to get your elbows up, and breaks the common habit of reaching your hand forward
through the air.

WARM UP: 300 Choice
4x(4×25, :10 Rest btw each 25)
Set #1- Kick on your side
#2,3- Drill- Finger Tip Drag
#4- Swim, Build (start out easy, buil within the 25 to hard)

MAIN: 3x(4×100’s, 4×25’s)
100’s: Free @ Cruise +:05
25’s: Non-Free @ Cruise +:10
2x(4×75’s) Free
#1) Kick, middle 25 hard :15 Rest
#2) DPS, Count Strokes :15 Rest

WARM DOWN: 200 Easy

TOTAL: 3000 Yards or Meters

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