Swim Training for a Triathlon – Issue #68

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Swim Training for a Triathlon Newsletter

Greetings from hot and humid San Diego, California! Normally our summers are dry with low humidity levels, but the last couple of weeks have been sweltering! It just makes getting in the pool that much more essential.

Last time I mentioned the struggle to train while traveling. Doing some searching online, I found a site that specializes in Athlete Travel- Athletic Minded Traveler. I was able to try it out for a few days- really cool site! I’m impressed with the huge amount of information they have gathered for most major U.S. cities, such as regarding hotel gyms, hotel pools, running trails and paths, local pools, local activities, and even healthy places to eat.

Your triathlon wants and needs are important to me so that I know to make sure I am touching on all the right topics that you are interested in!


“Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is.”
-Zig Ziglar

Tip of the Month- Is LSD Necessary in Swimming?

Many endurance athletes are familiar with LSD- Long Slow Distance that is. In running and cycling it is often emphasized as an important part of your workouts. Is it the same for swimming?

My answer is…..absolutely! People get in the pool and want to get right into their interval workout, but often neglect to do long swims.

In the Complete Guide workouts, I recommend doing your long swim in the open water, every week or every other week at minimum. If this isn’t feasible for you, it is still important to do some LSD in the pool- it will give you a chance to really think about your stroke, and make sure you are applying all the drills you have been practicing to your stroke!