Swim Tip: Keeping the Feel

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After my 2.5 month trip to Australia and New Zealand last year, I didn’t exactly keep in great swimming shape. This was partly due to not having a car to get around, and partly due to sight seeing as much as humanly possible.

However, I did not just let my swimming go. I made sure to get in at least once per week- doing between 1000-1500 meters. I also kept up on a short strength training routine which included core and multi-muscle exercises not involving any weights.

This routine did two things for me:

1. I was able to keep my feel for the water and not lose my stroke technique

2. I was able to keep the proper muscles strong enough to keep moving through the water with relative ease.

When I did my first swimming workout in almost 3 months yesterday, I had to move down a slower interval, but I felt far better than if I simply avoided the water during this time.

If you are struggling to get to the pool, or you have a vacation planned in the middle of your training, keep in mind how much better off you will be by just doing the minimum, as opposed to going missing in action altogether!

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