This drill has been around for decades and is the foundation for being able to swim on your side in freestyle. This will tell you how well you’ve mastered balancing on your side in the water, and will allow you to improve your freestyle even more.

When doing this drill, you may start sinking when you get to the shark fin position. This is normal! If you do start sinking, slide your arm immediately back to your side, and roll back up into kicking on your side. If you are a sinker, don’t forget about using fins.

Fins are a great tool in this case to speed up your mastery of this drill and your improvement. Again, stick with the shorter style fins like Zoomers.

As you get better at this drill (and sink less!), practice going slower and slower. I recommend doing 20 minutes straight of this drill as part of your swim workout. Within weeks you will notice freestyle getting easier!

Here’s a look at the drill and how to do it:

1. Start out as you were in Lesson #1- Kicking On Your Side
2. Drop your head down, pause, then bend the elbow of your trailing arm, and drag your hand along your side, making a “shark fin.”
3. Slide your arm back down to your side, then rotate back into your starting position.