Start as if you are doing shark fin drill, but instead of bringing the hand back after making the shark fin, slice the hand forward (right about at the goggle line) and at the same time, rotate the hips to the other side, and swivel your head to face up position, arm extended.

When doing this drill, one arm should be moving forward while the other one moves back. You should never end up with both arms out in front of you. Make sure you are gliding with each stroke. Take a few breaths and repeat on the other side. As you progress, try doing 2 cycles (or 2 switches) with your head down before coming up for air and pausing. Then, add in a 3rd cycle.

The purpose of this drill is to get you ready for full stroke swimming. For now, make sure you are pausing after each rotation, and taking 2-3 breaths before going through the next cycle. Reminder: keep using fins for this drill if you are struggling at all with kicking or balance! It is not a weakness to be using fins for these drills! You will eventually be able to take the fins off.