Dominic Latella

Swim Outside The Box With Dominic Latella of The Swim Box – TSC Podcast #111

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Dominic Latella

Coach Dominic Latella is the only US Masters Swimming (USMS) Level 4 (the highest certification available) certified coach in VA. He is an instructor for USMS Certifications and the USMS Adult Learn to Swim program. He is the owner and lead instructor of SwimBox, where they specialize in swim lessons for people of all ages and levels. And he has been appointed twice – the maximum amount – as the lead coach for USMS High Performance Camp. Coach Latella also works with the swimming rehabilitation and adaptive swimming programs at Bethesda Naval Hospital for the Wounded Warriors.

Coach Latella’s philosophy focuses on the execution of proper swimming technique to achieve improved efficiency and prevent injury. This way of coaching allows swimmers to not only reach personal bests, but do so in a way that allows their body to keep up their love of swimming for a lifetime. Fewer injuries and happy swimmers are Coach Latella’s favorite things to see.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Dominic developed his passion for swimming
  • Correcting your swim technique to avoid shoulder injury
  • Dominic’s experience working with different clients
  • Training beginner swimmers
  • Endless pool technology
  • Applying the Wim Hof method
  • Open water anxiety
  • High elbow catch
  • Swimming workout for distance swimmers/triathletes
  • USRPT  (Ultra Short Race Pace Training)
  • Swimming test sets
  • Triathlon training at Lake Como, Italy in August

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