Sweating small and big stuff

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Yesterday, I visited an old friend who has cancer.

It really puts things into perspective.

She is doing much better, but is still undergoing low dose chemotherapy treatments, which are of course poison to the human body, so the bad times are not yet over.

One thing that was really impressive to me was her attitude. Just 6 months ago, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, and yesterday she was talking about how she was already starting to see this as a “bump in the road of life”, even though she’s not been cleared of cancer completely yet!

I can’t say that I would have the same attitude in that situation.

I don’t really have a tie-in to swimming today, other than, it’s so important to not “sweat the small stuff” in life, as it affects everything.

Having this attitude of acceptance of the present is going to carry over in every part of your life.

If you’re sick with a cold or flu, if you’re injured, if you get a flat tire, if you missed a buoy… it’s a bump in in the road.

Most of life is small stuff. And learning to see it that way can be a big challenge- but once you do, it can be extremely rewarding.

Health / training / competition can help us see this more clearly.

What have you been frustrated with lately? What is bothering you, about yourself, or your progress in life?

It’s perfectly normal and okay to feel frustration. But it’s also healthy to recognize this feeling, give yourself some empathy, and just take the next step- instead of dwelling or staying in the state of negativity.

The frustration and upset with yourself can bring you down, or strengthen you.

Getting cancer and dealing with chemo treatments and being sick for months not knowing if you are going to survive is not small stuff.

But it puts the rest in context and gives a perspective of everything else.

Keep living one moment at a time, make one little improvement at a time, and embrace your personal health whenever possible.