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Stroke cadence and more with Coach Dominic Latella – TSC Podcast #124

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In this episode, Kevin chats with Dominic Latella, the owner and lead instructor at SwimBox. They discussed many topics including how to come back after a time off from swimming, off-season tips, cadence, body positioning, and more.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Teaching and learning in progressions and phases
  • The issue with semi-gliding strokes
  • Stroke cadence
  • Stroke count
  • Good cadence and a paddle equals power
  • On not paying attention to cadence many years ago
  • Body posture position
  • On his client having a difficulty with relax recovery on her right arm
  • What to focus on for those who do not have a coach
  • On the ideal time to work on strength training
  • What people who have taken a time off should do once they get back to training
  • What USRPT is
  • His swim clinic

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