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TRISLIDE is the only skin lubricant found in a convenient environmentally friendly aerosol spray. TRISLIDE prevents chafing, blistering, irritation, and hot spots that occur when swimming, biking and running. The liquid silicone based spray promotes easy and quick entry/exit from wetsuits, swim speed skins, and bathing suits. Unlike other vegetable sprays that will disintegrate neoprene TRISLIDE is completely safe to use on wetsuits, and stays on even in the water.

  • ALL SPORT Anti-Chafe / Anti-Friction continuous spray skin lubricant.
  • Effectively prevents chamois chafing, blistering / hot spots on the feet, ALL skin chafing.
  • Promotes easy and quick entry / exits from triathlon wetsuits plus is safe to use with all neoprene.
  • Easy to use, safe to share, non messy, sanitary.
  • Extremely waterproof / sweat proof and will last on the skin for hours with no need to reapply.
  • Silicone base is simply broken down with soap and water; will not stain clothes.

*available to U.S. customers only…

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