Snorkel for Freestyle – Issue #83

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Snorkel for Freestyle Swimming Newsletter

How do you think about your swimming?

Dear Friend,

The Ides of March are here!

I have received a lot of questions lately from people who are struggling with swimming, and they want to improve, but continue to feel frustrated as the drills and strokes do not come easy.

In order to make breakthroughs in swimming, you have to actually see yourself swimming with ease. Get the Tri Swim Coach Complete Guide package and watch the videos, or just go to the pool and watch other proficient swimmers.

What you focus on expands.

Focus on your struggles and frustrations and they will become worse!

It reminds me of someone who signed up to post on the discussion forum with the user name “Crap Swimmer”. Not hard to figure out what this person thinks of their swimming. Until they get rid of this stigma they have placed on themselves, they will always live up to their name!

Instead, see yourself already mastering the drills. Think of yourself as one of those people who thinks swimming is the best part of the triathlon.

Of course, nothing is immediate- you must allow yourself the time to go through some ups and downs as you train.

Swimming is always a work in progress, much like golf. Small improvements add up and soon enough you will become what you envision, as long as you stick to that vision of you as a fish, laughing at the water, instead of labeling yourself as a “Crap Swimmer”!


“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

Will using a snorkel help unlock your potential?

I’ve always understood the benefits to swimming with a snorkel, including the ability to improve body position while maintaining a smooth breathing pattern, as well as increasing VO2 max (maximum capacity to transport and utilize oxygen during incremental exercise).

However, I was reluntant to recommend snorkels to distance swimmers and triathletes, because the ones on the market did not promote good body position.

That has now changed with the new Freestyle Snorkel by Finis. This new snorkel can make a huge difference in your training!

Peter Reid, pro triathlete and winner of the 2003 Ironman Triathlon World Championship considers the snorkel as one of the keys to his swim training!


The Freestyle Snorkel is designed specifically for freestyle swimmers. This design allows swimmers to achieve a lower head position during freestyle and therefore further optimize body position.

Additional benefits include:

  • Design uses centrifugal force generated during flip turns to greatly restrict water from entering the tube
  • Ability to maintain a natural, rhythmic breathing pattern due to easy achievement of proper body position
  • Elimination of purge valve results in an increased lung capacity to clear water from tube
  • Increased CO2 tolerance and VO2 max from regular use
  • Fully compatible with cardio cap (additional accessory) for simulated altitude training

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Tip of the Month: Extension

With each stroke you take, extend your arm out in front as you rotate your hips. Focus specifically on this arm extension as you breathe and avoid dropping your elbow.