Swimming Setbacks and How to Deal With Them – Issue #99

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Dear Friend,

With swimming as with life, you will have to deal with setbacks every now and then.

I’ve had to deal with a whiplash injury that flares up every now and then. This month has been especially painful! After a few chiropractor visits however, things are turning around. It’s been a challenging month for me for workouts but on the positive I was able to get more work done!

It’s easy to get frustrated or even angry when you have setbacks, but it’s highly unproductive.

The great thing about triathlon is there are so many things you can work on! Let’s say you are experiencing frustration from swimming- a drill you’re just not getting or an interval that you can’t quite make. Take a break and focus on your bike training, or running, or do an extra yoga session instead of being a perfectionist!

We’d all like to have swimming strokes like Michael Phelps or Ian Thorpe. But in this sport a lot of times good enough is good enough! You develop an adequate stroke that allows you to get through the swim and have energy left to power through the rest of the race, instead of shooting for perfection.

Keep this in mind as you train and you will have more fun, less injuries, and better race times!


“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”
-Anna Quindlen

Workout of the Month

Try this one out for stroke and endurance improvement!

Warm Up: 300, breathe every 3 strokes on odd lengths

Drill: 5 x 100’s, Odds: 50 Fist/50 Free Evens: Max Distance Per Stroke (Freestyler Paddles ok)

Main: 50, 100, 150, 200, 200, 150, 100, 50
-Take :15-:20 seconds rest between each swim
-At a moderate pace, count strokes for each 50 on the way up, and lower your stroke count by 1 or 2 on the way up. After the first 200, pick up the pace and increase effort but maintain your lowest average stroke count.

Warm Down: 200 Stretch it out

Total: 2000

Fist= Swim freestyle with hands in fists
Distances in yards or meters

Come to Argentina This Winter! Become a Triathlete Tourist in Necochea or Mar Del Plata, Argentina this Winter (Summer in South America)

As winter has decended upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer has just begun in South America!

I wanted to let you know about an exciting vacation opportunity that I have come across. Imagine a twenty-nine mile stretch of harmony between a metropolis and nature. Think about taking in a sea breeze with the sun on your face, in a country where nightlife excitement and natural beauty make boredom a forgotten word.

Now picture taking a trip to this incredible place while making huge leaps in improving your triathlon. Here’s your chance to spend 9 days in beautiful Mar Del Plata, Argentina, learning from top pro triathletes and some of the best triathlon coaches in the world!

2008 Argentina Cycling and Triathlon Training Vacations
Each camp runs 10 days/9 nights, with additional days available for a discounted rate.

5 Camps will be run during the period of February 16-March 10, with 4 of the camps for cyclists and 1 for triathletes coinciding with Half-Ironman Mar del Plata.

Each camp begins on a Saturday and ends on Monday. See schedule below:

Cycling Camp #1: Necochea February 16-25
Triathlon Camp: Mar del Plata February 23-March 3
Cycling Camp #2: Mar del Plata February 23-March 3
Cycling Camp #3: Necochea February 23-March 3
Cycling Camp #4: Necochea March 1-10

During your entire stay in Mar del Plata, expert coaching & training will be available from Mike Fraysse and staff for all ability levels. Training will include vehicle supported road & auto-track sessions. Track specialized training available from the 250 Meter concrete outdoor velodrome. Swimming sessions with expert coaches. Organized competitions for both road & track cyclists who feel like testing their progress will also be scheduled.

The training camps in Argentina offer unmatched world-class and private facilities, all located within mere blocks of the hotel.

• 250m Velodrome (sight of 1995 Pan Am Games)
• Private 333m Velodrome
• Private 50m and 25m Swimming Pools
• Gym
• Private Road Circuit Criterium Course for training and competition
• 2.5km Auto Track for road drills and workouts
• Sports Science Clinic
• Cross-country Running Course

Who Are The Expert Coaches?

Mike Fraysse: 1976 and 1984 US Olympic Team Manager, 14-time World Championships Coach, former coach of Greg Lemond and Lance Armstrong (left, with Olympic Gold Medalist Marty Nothstein just after winning 2 World Titles in Italy)

Kevin Koskella: World-renowned triathlon swim coach for TriSwimCoach. Regular contributor to Inside Triathlon and Men’s Health Magazine, former NCAA All-American swimmer.

Eddie “B” Borysewicz: 3-time Olympic Team and 12-time World Championships Coach, author of Bicycle Road Racing the world #1 Best-selling book about cycling, former coach of Greg Lemond and Lance Armstrong

Betsy Davis: 19-time US National Champion, 300+ career victories, former US National Team coach

Jiri Manus: Olympic and World Championships Medalist, Winner of the Peace Race and Milk Race, 20 years as Coaching Director of USA Cycling

Joe Saling: 17-time US National Champion, multiple Masters Pan-Am Champion, Head Coach of the Walden School of Cycling

Juan Curuchet: 2004 Elite Track World Champion (at right, celebrating his World Championship victory)

Phil Stephens: ISU Track Certification Instructor, Pan Am Champion, world-renowned bike fit specialist with Bike Fit Systems, LLC.

Juan Mutti: 3-time Argentina Ironman Champion, owner and chief sports medicine physician at world-renowned Sports Institute

Barbara Buenahora: #1 ranked Latin American Ironman triathlete, 9-time Argentina Champion, winner of 2003 Ironman Brazil

Gabriel Curuchet: 12-time Olympic, World, and Pan-Am Medalist, President of Argentina Cycling Federation

and many more!

What do you get with the trip?

* Ground transportation in Argentina, between the cities of Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata or Necochea.
* All-inclusive meals & lodging.
* Team clothing (jacket, jersey, shorts, skinsuit, gloves, vest, T-shirt)
* Expert swimming, cycling & running coaching.
* Entry into international competitions (participation optional).

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