Santa’s CrAzY 2020 fitness plan

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I know it’s Christmas night and you probably want to go to bed (I do too!) but I HAVE to tell you about this crazy little guy who showed up at my door tonight.He was short, about 4 feet tall.

He also had weird shoes that curled at the toe.

And even more weird, he had pointy ears. I asked him who he was and he said he was a messenger from Santa!

Apparently, Santa is getting older and slower, and he’s concerned about his weight now. He is worried about having heart problems and doesn’t want to drop dead one day while carrying presents to kids due to his weight.

So he wanted my advice.

Can you believe that?

So here’s what I told this messenger to tell Santa:

  1. Eat more protein & fat! I told the messenger to tell Santa to get those elves to start bringing him more meat & coconuts, instead of white carbs like bread, etc.
  2. Quit eating the cookies and milk! When going to down chimneys and seeing plate of cookies and a glass of milk, ignore it! And instead, leave a note next to them saying next year he’d prefer to be left fruit or maybe some meat and cheese, instead. And instead of milk, leave water. Protein waters are fine, too.If he needs advice, he should check out my The Fit Triathlete course.
  3. Start exercising more. Swimming is perfect for this time of year! He doesn’t have to huff and puff and sweat and strain, he can do my Tri Swim Success program instead, that’s fine. I said to tell Santa this is NOT based on “grinding it out” or doing “more”. It’s based on using a step-by-step formula that was derived by some of the top swim coaches in the world!
  4. Start walking more! Overdoing it is for suckers, but doing nothing is a recipe for…getting nothing accomplished. In other words…Instead of hitching up the reindeer team to go to the store or run errands, I told the messenger to tell Santa to get his blubber butt outside and walk (no running!) through the snow, it’s great for his heart and body. (I even mentioned the 180 Maffetone formula, great for the endurance he needs tonight!)
  5. Lay off 50% of the elves. Let’s face it. All those elves are dead weight. And by trimming his workforce down, he’ll also trim his considerable stomach down, too, because he’ll be forced to roll up his sleeves and do more work. (Hint hint, pull buoy and kick board addicted triathletes!)

Anyway, so that’s that.

This is the plan I have for Santa.

We’ll see if he listens in 2020.

Have a GREAT holiday season.

I’ll see you soon! 🙂