Running, Recovery and the Downsides of Reverse Tapers

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I’m about 2 weeks away from doing my first half marathon since April 09, and yesterday I realized how unprepared I am for the race. I ran 11.2 miles, and about the last 2.5 hurt! And, this was not at any kind of brisk pace, just finishing the run was the challenge yesterday.

So today I am feeling the soreness! I missed 2 weeks of running in December with a cold, and slacked off around Christmas, so I have for the past 2 weeks been building up quickly, sort of a reverse taper! This is certainly no way to train, but I’d like to complete the race I signed up for. I’m sure I will do this, but a PR is out of the question! I am just going to wear my ipod and enjoy the scenery along the Pacific Ocean, and the thrill of thousands of runner (and a packet of GU!).

A yoga session would certainly help with this soreness, but my busy Sunday schedule may not allow it. My plan is to stretch out and get a power nap in this afternoon, as well as do some walking.

After today, the real taper starts. It almost seems silly for me to taper, but I’ve run out of time to build, so I have an experiment on my hands!