How to Train For Triathlons When Nasty Weather Arrives

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Here I am, rocking like a Hurricane


How To Train For Triathlons When Nasty Weather Arrives

Hurricane Sandy has torn up the east coast, disrupting travel plans, power lines, and of course training schedules. If you are like me, area pools and gyms are closed and it would not be the wisest idea to try and bike or run outside. Overall, people are being told to be safe and stay inside, and I for one am heeding this warning. While I value training and working out, safety is more important, but that does not mean my fitness has to be blown away either.

When sever freak storms interfere with your ability to get to the gym, you can still get a good workout in using what you have around the house. Here are my top indoor, “swim” workouts that can be done in the comfort and safety of your house:

  1. Rowing: If you have a rowing machine put it to good use since the rowing motion engages similar muscles to those used in swimming. To maximize your time and your fitness burn, try high intensity sets like a Tabata set: warmup for 10-15 minutes and then do a Tabata set of 20 seconds all out effort with 10 seconds rest four times then cool down. If you do not have a rowing machine, use tubing stead.
  2. Stretch: Since it is easy to lose the feel for the water, it is critical to keep your swim muscles limber and loose. Here is a great video that I found on specific swim stretches: Swim Stretching
  3. Tubing and body weight exercises: Yesterday since I could not get the gym, I had to get creative with tubing. I performed the following circuit 4 times with 15-24 reps per set:
  • Swimmers (set up the resistance band at waist height, bend at the hips, feet a little over shoulder width apart and your back flat) Grasp the tubing with your arms straight out in front of you and then pull straight back as if pulling in a swim stroke.
  • Tricep extenstions
  • Chest Press
  • Body weight squats
  • Standing rows
  • Pushups

I hope you are all safe and sound and keep on training!

Coach Chris