Rising above the clouds

Posted Ella Villas Articles

It’s a rainy, cloudy, gloomy day here in Southern California.

And if you thought this message was going to just be about the weather, you’re wrong!

There is a helpful metaphor with dark clouds.

When you start getting wrapped up in a particular thought process, it’s easy to get caught in and endless cycle of worry and doubt.

Gloom and doom, things are never going to change, I will always feel this way.

However, a reminder that “the blue sky is always there” can help us get out of a funk, or a plateau, or the feeling of “being stuck”.

The blue sky exists above the clouds, at all times.

The idea is to accept, and even embrace the “dark clouds”- whether they are in your mind or in the sky- and take action from there.

That action could mean getting some training in, or it could mean getting some rest in.

Either way, the dark clouds eventually will give way to the blue sky that was there all along.

When you can accept yourself at a deep level, and understand your purpose as much as possible, these “dark cloud” periods will not have nearly as much of an impact on you- and they become just part of life, instead of a monumental hurdle that needs to be overcome.

Here’s to befriending the water!