Reframing the uphill battle

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I recently was doing a lot of traveling, and my swimming took a backseat.

In fact, I didn’t swim for 3 weeks. There wasn’t even much time for workouts, just a lot of walking and a few quick hotel room jams.

Coming back to swimming yesterday, I felt weak, tired, and verrrrry slow!

The struggle is real. But there are battles being fought for everyone triathlete at every level.

Coming back from time off, moving your intervals up, having more energy on your swims and shifting into the next, fast gear….all involve transitions that take some level of grit and determination.

It can be discouraging or disheartening to look up at where you want to be, and realize where you are.

But the only way to build up to that place where you want to be is thinking of it in pieces.

Yesterday my stroke felt terrible, I felt weak, and I felt slow.

Those are all different things.

If I focus on one of these things- my stroke- I can be okay with feeling tired and weak, as long as I am being mindful of each stroke.

And as my stroke starts to come together again, I will naturally feel stronger.

Then I will get faster.

One thing at a time.

But trying to make everything happen at once will be my downfall. I may even quit, thinking that nothing is going to work right again.

Stacking the pieces one on top of another will lead to winning that uphill battle- one stroke at a time, one lap at a time, and one workout at a time.

Can you focus on one thing in your swim that will make you 5% better today? That 5% will add up, if you stick with it every time you get in the water, every time you attempt a workout.

You will inevitably make incremental improvements, which are much better than attempting to make massive instant shifts.

Try it out today, befriend the water, one small step at a time!