Quick Set Friday

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Feel the Burn!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Since it is”quick set” Friday, I thought that this article that I found on the benefits of high intensity intervals particularly appropriate. Researchers found: that

Less than three minutes of high intensity interval training—spread out over a mere 25-minute chunk of your schedule— can burn the same number of calories as longer endurance exercise, according to new research.

I love high intensity training and this research proves it to be an effective way to burn calories and gain fitness without lengthy sessions or 25 hour weeks. However, I am not completely sold and am not giving up my 20 hour training weeks anytime soon.

In recent years, I am seeing more and more training programs that say you can finish an Ironman with only 8 hours (or less) a week. The key word in these programs is “finish.” You may be able to complete the race but finishing and competing are two different foci.

Ironman races–even for elite pros who finish in 8 hours–take a long time. To properly prepare, therefore, your body  has to experience long bouts of training. Especially on the run, you risk injury and stress fractures if your body is not used to the consistent pounding and stress. While you do not have to complete a full Ironman distance before the event you should experience a large percentage of that distance at least once during training.

Even if interval training can build up your endurance, your mind also needs training. Going for a four hour ride without quitting half way through takes discipline and mental energy that can only be strengthened through long training sessions.  While I do included hard interval sessions into my training, my long runs, rides, and swims are here to stay.

Keep on training

Coach Chris


Here is your quick set:

10 minute warmup

8×50 on 15 sec rest (first 3 done at comfortable pace just above warmup pace, next 3 at tempo, next 2 at race pace then go straight into the next set

1×200 all out!

8×50 on 15 sec rest (first 3 done at comfortable pace just above warmup pace, next 3 at tempo, next 2 at race pace then go straight into the next set)

1×200 all out!

10 minute cool down with perfect form

Cool down: Enjoy the Weekend :O]