The Proper Freestyle Kick – Issue #17

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Dear Tri Swim Coach Subscriber,

I have just completed the 12-Week Training Plan for a Half Ironman Swim (1.2 miles). If you have already ordered The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming and want the this plan, send me an email and let me know and I will email it to you for free! If you have not ordered the Guide yet, the new version will include the Half training plan.

Just in time for summer!

The Workout of the Month for April is from the Half Ironman plan. A little more distance this month.

And finally, the tip of the month will get into the proper freestyle kick.


Workout of the Month

WARM UP: 500 Free every 4th lap SC

DRILL: 8×100’s Odds: Finger Tip Drag Drill/Free by 25’s. Evens: Fist/Free by 25’s
Rest= :20

MAIN: 3x(2×200 + 4×50) 200’s: @cruise 50’s: cruise + :05, descend Rest :30 btw sets
STROKE COUNT: 8×50’s Free Golf @ 1:00-1:15

WARM DOWN: 300 Breathe every 3 or 5 ST

TOTAL: 3900 Yards

Cruise= Interval you can make 100’s Freestyle on comfortably with about 10-15 seconds rest.
SC= Count Strokes
Finger Tip Drag Drill= Drag you fingertips across the surface of the water on arm recovery
ST= Strokes
Free Golf= Count strokes and get your time on each 50. Add these numbers together to get your “score”. Try to lower that score for each 50.

Training Tip #17:
Point your toes when you kick, and don’t allow your knees to bend much. Most of your power should be coming from your upper quads and hips.