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Procrastination and Health Newsletter

Procrastination and healthDear Friend,

All of us procrastinate in our lives at some level.

Lately I’ve been reading up on procrastination and how it affects people’s health. Many people have the attitude of “I’ll have time to worry about getting healthy later”. When you think about it logically, it makes zero sense to prioritize anything in front of health! Without your health, almost everything else becomes irrelevant.

I’ve suffered from procrastination off and on throughout my life.

Often times, we make a joke of it. But in order to understand why we do it, you must look at psychology and the authoritarian culture most of us were brought up in.

When you look at your life as a series of “have to’s”, this is demotivating and causes avoidance, even if the actions you are avoiding will clearly help your life in the future.

In order to succeed at learning or mastering a skill, like swimming, beating yourself up at any stage will cause a loss of enthusiasm and eventually burnout and quitting altogether.

When you lose the “have to’s” in your life, and realize that you don’t have to do anything, you will find the joy in your
activities, and any struggle to attain your goals will vanish.

More on this in the next issue!


“Procrastination is opportunity’s natural assassin.”
-Victor Kiam

Weightlifting routines for triathlon and endurance athletes

If you are looking to do some strength training to help out your triathlon, here is a good manual to check out, especially if you lack the time to do the more traditional weight routines that have you spending an hour in the gym 3 times a week!

Top 12 Resistance Training Routines for Triathletes

Workout of the Month

A good workout touching on several important parts of open water swim training:

Cruise= interval you can make 100-yard or 100-meter swims on comfortably (5-10 seconds after each swim)
3/4ths Catchup= Take stokes about ¾ of the way to touching your other hand before each

Warm Up: 300 Yards or Meters, every 4th length non-freestyle

6 x 150
ODDS: Free: 50 kick (on your side) / 25 swim / 50 drill / 25 swim
EVENS: Freestyle swim, build by 50
– Rest=:10 btw each 150

Main: 9 x 200 – Freestyle swim:
#1: Sprint and Sight on odd 25’s; on cruise – :10 or Rest=:05
#2: Steady effort on cruise + :10 or Rest=:20
#3: Steady effort on cruise + :05 or Rest=:15
#4: Steady effort on cruise or Rest=:10
#5: FAST, on cruise – :10 or Rest=:05
#6: Steady effort on cruise + :10 or Rest=:20
#7: Steady effort on cruise + :05 or Rest=:15
#8: Steady effort on cruise or Rest=:10
#9: FAST to the finish, on cruise – :10 or Rest=:05

Technique Focus: 12 x 25 – Freestyle:
#1,2: Easy
#3,4: 4-kick drill (4 kicks for each stroke)
#5,6: 3/4 Catchup Drill (as described above)
#7,8: Swim, breath every 3rd stroke
#9,10: Swim, breath 2 to the R/2 to the L (2R2L)
#11,12: Swim, breath 3 to the R/3 to the L (3R3L)
– Pick your rest (300/3000)

Warm-down: 1 x 100 All easy swim or drill (100/3100)

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