Overcoming Doubt (Tri Swim Style)

Posted Ella Villas Articles

Our motto at Tri Swim Coach is “Befriend the Water”.

When you go about swimming improvement, doubt will creep in at some point. There’s no doubt about it!

Perhaps you’re experiencing some doubt these days. It could be, doubt that you could ever get faster, that you can succeed in an open water swim, or doubt that you even have the ability to master swimming.

All normal, and again, EVERYONE experiences this, so you are not alone here.

However, it’s what you do with this doubt that’s important. The way I see it, you have 3 options:

  1. Give in to the doubt. You’re not good enough. You weren’t meant to swim. Give up, quit, let go of your dream to improve your swim and triathlon!
  2. Fight the doubt. Punch it in the face, bury it, don’t let it creep in, and you’ll beat it back, and win!
  3. Accept the doubt. Work with it. You know it’s going to be there, it’s part of what you go through in practice, and it’s part of what you go through in a race.

Of course, you know which one we recommend going with. 🙂

When you can accept this doubt, its power over you diminishes.

When you know it’s there, and know it’s coming, and you befriend your doubt, you are also making strides towards befriending the water!

This could be with stroke technique, it could be turning a buoy, and it could be navigating.

Just keep in mind as you make small progress with your freestyle- doubt is part of the deal- if you fight it or let it overcome you, you will sink.

If you accept it and give yourself empathy and compassion, you will ride the waves and eventually, see these small improvements lead to smooth sailing and accomplishing your goals in your races and beyond.