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Overcoming Anxiety and Obesity With Bryan Falchuk – TSC Podcast #125

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Bryan FalchukIn this episode, Kevin interviewed Bryan Falchuk, the best-selling author of the book “Do a Day.” His work has been featured in several top publications like Inc. Magazine, The LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and more. He has spoken at multiple TEDx events and has been a featured guest on over 100 podcasts and radio shows.

In this episode, they discussed many topics including the anxiety he had when he was 5 years old that led to obesity and how he overcame that anxiety. They also talked about finding one’s true motivation and the idea of habits.

In addition, he also talked about his book “Do a Day” and the philosophy behind it. Bryan has learned many lessons along the way which he used to develop his unique approach to inspiring others to become successful.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Bryan’s background
  • How he faced his hardships
  • What diet is
  • On losing the excess weight
  • How he achieved permanent change
  • Sense of purpose
  • On finding true motivation
  • Self-love
  • Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation
  • Four key things about motivation
  • The importance of values
  • The “Do a Day” philosophy
  • The idea of habit
  • On being mindful of behaviours

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