Open Water Triathlon Swim Tips – Issue #151

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Open Water Triathlon Swim Tips Newsletter

Open Water Triathlon Swim Tips

You may have improved your freestyle, using the Tri Swim Coach programs, to the point where you feel like you can swim endless laps- or at least the distance of your next triathlon swim- without getting tired, but when it comes to open water, it feels like a whole new ballgame.

For many people, including some subscribers who have recently emailed me, the transition from pool to open water is the hardest part of mastering freestyle. What does it take?

Well, it’s really a lot like other things in life. There’s a limit as to how much better an open water swimmer you can become if you only practice in the pool!

While I’m a big believer in training in the pool to get better at triathlon swimming, if your race will be in the open water, you MUST PRACTICE IN THE OPEN WATER!!!

There is no easy way around this. To prepare, get really good at the balance drills, lengthening out your stroke, and playing free golf…but make sure you are getting in the open water once a week in the weeks leading up to your race.


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“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.”
-George Sheehan

Triathlon Training for Real People

Are you tired of following your training plan into the ground? Of tracking things like miles and shoes and tire PSI, yet losing sight of work, family and friends? You are not alone.

A growing percentage of triathletes are walking away from the high-volume, mega-mileage programs of the past. The “new” training trend maps much better with the basic demands that we all juggle on a daily basis. While there are many different ways to crack the nut on building training fitness by leveraging intensity. the best plan for you is going to be very specific.

Enter “Competitive Triathlon in Ten Hours A Week.”

Written by Patrick McCrann, an elite triathlon coach with over 8 years of coaching & racing experience (including three trips to Kona), this unique manual includes everything you need to create your own focused training plan for a triathlon of any distance. Patrick has distilled years of knowledge gained from helping Age Group triathletes just like you into this simple and effective guide.

The first half is all about the big picture planning process and how the Ten Hours System works.

The second half includes the Excel Spreadsheets and step-by-step instructions that will guide you to making your own personalized training plan!

You can watch a video of Coach Patrick explaining the highlights of the Ten Hours system here:

Ten Hours A Week Preview

In his most recent UPDATE, Coach Patrick has added additional resources and even a full “Rockstar” Version that includes a 30-minute Jumpstart phone call to get your training dialed in!

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Workout of the Month

Never stop training technique!


Cruise= Interval you can easily make consecutive 100-yard or meter swims on with about 5-10 seconds rest.

Warm Up: 300, breathing every 3 strokes

Drill: 6×75’s. Do the first length of each 75 with hands in fists, the second doing six kicks for every stroke (glide!), and the third straight freestyle). Take :15-20 rest between each 75.

Main: Countdown!
#1 and #3 on your cruise interval. #2 count your strokes per 50,
focus on rotating your hips with each stroke, and make an attempt
to bring down your stroke count throughout the swim.

Warm Down: 200, breathe on weaker side on odd lengths and focus on keeping your head position- eyes on the bottom of the pool

Total: 2750


Kevin Koskella
Tri Swim Coach