No flow, no go?

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One of the areas of self improvement I have been practicing lately is opening up and actually embracing the struggles of life.

It’s been helpful to reframe things that normally would irritate, annoy, or depress me in the past.

For example, it was cold outside the other night and raining most of the day. I was planning to work out in the evening, but started to slip into the mindset of “it’s cold and dark and wet out there, maybe I’ll stay in tonight”.

But I leaned into this.

The reframe was more of a curiosity. “It’s cold and dark and wet and I wonder how I’ll feel AFTER my workout?”

I convinced myself that I would feel better after working out.

So I did a little treadmill, and a little weights…and then it was time to go outside to the pool.

The wind had picked up and there was nobody outside. I first jumped in the hot tub to warm up. I started to get out and head to the pool, but turned around and head back to the warmth of the tub.

I thought to myself “Will I feel better later if I stay in the tub, or if I get in the pool and actually do some swimming tonight?”

Easy answer. I got out, stood outside in the cold for a bit doing some Wim Hof breathing, and jumped in the pool. It felt great!

I ended up doing more than planned, and definitely changed my state of mine later to a more peaceful, positve one.

The little mindset shifts make a big difference.

Are you able to overcome the voice in your head that keeps you in your comfort zone?

Can you associate the physical and mental payoff to the activity, even when a big part of you wants to stay on the couch, or in the warm bed (or hot tub)?

The idea here is to make friends with that voice that’s trying to protect you. Just like swimming- making friends with the water is the key to success.

Think “Go with the flow” this year and befriend the conditions instead of following “No pain, no gain”, and see how much easier things become.