*Tri Swim Success Pro – Next Level Triathlon Swim Training is limited to 20 participants per month. It’s now Fully Booked and registrations are therefore closed. Please join the waiting list and I will let you know when I have opening.

Attention Motivated Triathlete…

Are You Still Using Swim Training Methods That Are Hit or Miss? If So, Then Keep Reading!

“Proven Methods That Have Helped 4,823 Triathletes (and Counting) To Slash average of 7:21 Minutes Off Their Triathlon Race Times…”


Step-by-Step Program With Triathlon Specific Swim Technique Videos, Drills, Workouts, and Race Strategies You’ll Ever Need To Swim Faster & More Efficiently!”

Tri Swim Success Pro includes everything you need to swim faster, increase your endurance, and cut your triathlon times…

We created Tri Swim Success Pro with the idea in mind that we are in this together. We’ll structure your training specific to your needs and goals, and support you through ongoing feedback.


Kevin Koskella

Technique & Efficiency


Karlyn Pipes

Faster Freestyle


Dominic Latella

Breathing & Endurance


Chris Hague

Racing & Strength

You will:

1. Accomplish your triathlon goals in less time…

2. Become a better swimmer quickly…

3. Slash 5-10 minutes off your personal best race time…

4. Have more energy left over after the swim… Attack the rest of the triathlon with high energy and vigor instead of trudging through it like countless others will…

5. Trust your training and have the confidence that you’re ready to swim, bike, run and rock on race day!

6. Make your triathlon training and racing a better experience all around.

What You Get with Tri Swim Success Pro

01. Swimming Assessment


The way to get more efficient and faster is to practice consistency and sustainability. This comes from a focus on technique – arm extension, balance, and power.

Swimming Assessment is a benchmark, a learning tool and a goal creator. Beginners through advanced swimmers can all benefit from the swimming assessment.

02. Swim Technique & Drills Video Training

Each month, you’ll walk you through my proven training system. Everything is explained in content-packed video lessons — complete with swimming drills and technique training.

Each month has very specific drills, sessions, and workouts that you can follow in a logical order.

The program is even designed so it can be made easier or harder depending on how you may be progressing.


In fact, my system is so flexible, extensive, and in-depth that it’s spread out over 12 months.

I’ve deliberately created the program this way so you don’t go into information overload… over-train… or peak too soon before your next big race.

03. Customized Training Plans & Weekly Workouts


Monthly training plans laid out with the exact drills and technique training you will be doing… and you’ll enjoy maximizing your swim abilities.

You’ll get week by week workouts that are easily customizable to your abilities. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the swim or an experienced triathlete — We’ve got you covered.

After all, our goal together is to train smarter, not harder!

04. Swim Specific Strength Training

Access to the strength and conditioning program of elite triathletes / swimmers. You will uncover the exact exercises that build lean and powerful ‘swimming muscles‘.

You will build strength and improve power so that you swim with speed and don’t get left behind.


Strength training for the swim specifically is an important part of preparing for a triathlon. While swimming is a low-impact discipline, you’re still at risk for overtraining specific muscles.

05. Open Water Swim Success Course


Loaded with insights and practical tips, Kevin and Chris will guide you through the combination of physical and mental skills.

Specific stroke techniques to help you transition easily from the pool to open water swimming (we break this down into easy to follow instructions)

The secrets to strategically managing the flailing, splashing, kicking and punching that come with a typical triathlon start.

You’ll eliminate frustration, worry or disappointing times and replace that with greater confidence, focus, enjoyment and speed.

06. Faster Freestyle with Karlyn Pipes

Whether you are a novice triathlete or a PRO, Karlyn will help you swim FASTER with LESS EFFORT.

She has two core philosophies 1) keep it simple and 2) find a cure the “disease” don’t just treat the symptom.

Consequently, she is a master at breaking down some of the more challenging aspects of swimming technique into simple, practical and easy to understand terms that can be applied to any level of triathlete, from novice to elite.


07. Swim Stroke Analysis


Not sure if your swim technique is as good as it should be? No problem.

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can upload your video of your swimming to a special section of the Tri Swim Success for in-depth analysis.

We’ll look at your swimming and send you a list of pros and cons as well as specific drills to work on to get your swim technique better than ever.

It’s also kept 100% confidential so you won’t feel nervous about other seeing your videos.

It’s a service that I could easily charge hundreds of dollars for… and it’s yours free with your Tri Swim Success Pro membership.

08. Foundational Breathing Method Training

New, Innovative Techniques to Get Not Just Better – But Drastically Better at Breathing in Swimming by Coach Dominic Latella.

By making this one change to your breathing you’ll be able to finally end your struggles, create less drag, and go faster in the water.


09. “Pick My Brains” Consultation


For a limited time only, we’re offering a free 20 minute phone consultation with yours truly, Kevin Koskella.

We’ll talk about any areas you’re stuck on and answer your specific training questions… that way you’re even more likely to see tremendous improvement in your training and race times.

10. Access to Private Group Discussion

Deep inside the Tri Swim Success Pro, we’ve started a brand new resource for our members. As a member in good standing you’ll be able to ask questions, interact with other like-minded triathletes and our coaches, read product reviews and much more.

It’s a growing resource that is literally priceless — and it’s yours when you join the Tri Swim Success Pro.


You will have confidence and ability that you can finish the swim strong with much more energy and shave your swim leg down tremendously.

This is what Tri Swim Success Pro can do for you. No more guessing what works. No more trial and error. No more doubts about your swim techniques… worse, putting your body at a higher risk of injury.

There’s also no need to worry about things like…

– What order to do your swim drills…

How much distance or yardage to swim…

– How much time to spend on one drill or technique before you should move onto the next one.

Thanks to Tri Swim Success Pro, you’ll know exactly what good technique looks like. You’ll know exactly what you should be doing and why.

Even better, you’ll know you’re making faster progress because you aren’t guessing what will help you get faster in the water.

I’m giving you what works and telling you what doesn’t.

No theories or pie-in-the-sky ideas… just field-tested and proven to work training that works for every motivated triathlete that uses it consistently.

Then there’s your personal swim stroke analysis…

Simply ask a friend or family member to video record you swimming. You can upload the video in the Tri Swim Success Pro members area. Once there, I will personally review your video and give you precise feedback on how you can refine your techniques even further.

It’s literally world-class coaching attention but at an “ordinary joe” price.

And don’t forget, you can start enjoying your training almost immediately. That’s because as a member of Tri Swim Success Pro, you’ll have 24/7 access to our growing community of like-minded triathletes.

It’s literally your own worldwide workout gang that you can talk shop and completely relate with. If you’ve ever tried to explain to a family member or coworker who is a complete coach potato what a triathlon is and why you enjoy it so much, you’ll know how hard it can be to find others who truly understand what it is we do and why we do it!

But wait… there’s more…

Monthly Bonuses to Take Your Training & Racing to The Next Level


Time-Saving Tips & Tricks with Workouts


The Psychology of Training and Racing Triathlons


Nutrition for Triathletes

Here are a few success stories from our athletes:

…without this program, I am confident I would have never been able to swim in an ocean, 2.4 miles.
scott-ironmanOne year ago, I decided to do something epic, not having any clue what I was getting into. I signed up for Ironman Florida 2016. I had NO CLUE how to swim. The extent of my experience was splashing in a pool. I figured that being mildly athletic, I would be able to pick it up quick. Boy was I wrong. I first got into a pool in January of this year and got a quick wake up call. I couldn’t swim 5 feet and realized I got severe anxiety with my face in the water. I kept a journal. Excerpts: 1/2 – “Holy sh#t… I can’t swim. At all…. better figure this out quick”. 1/17 – “No clue how I am going to do this. Still can’t make it 10 feet”. 1/28 – Bought a Tri Swim program. Gonna start at square 1 and see where this goes.”

That program was Tri Swim Success Pro. I don’t remember how I came across it, but I do remember that it was my last ditch effort. I was in a very dark place. I had to put my trust in it.

Long story short, without this program, I am confident I would have never been able to swim in an ocean, 2.4 miles, getting pummeled by other people, and lived to tell about it. Oh… and becoming an Ironman.

– Scott Stone, Lawrenceville, GA
Ironman Triathlete

…it all seemed to fall into place.
bill-pritchett“I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much your DVD and other web-based resources have helped me with my swimming. I’ve been a runner for years and got into triathlon back in 2011. I always struggled with the swim and tried all kinds of methods to improve: lessons, group sessions, and even a personal coach. Nothing seemed to help. In August I got your DVD and started using it, along with the TriSwimPro web site, to do the drills you showed. My weak spot has always been my kick. I could never seem to get it in sync with my stroke, so I always ended up dragging my legs, kicking just once per stroke, or “scissor-kicking” in a way that created drag. The kicking drills in the DVD helped me get a feel for the kick as I swam on my sides. Finally yesterday, it all seemed to fall into place. I was able to do a 6-beat kick and keep it in sync with my stroke. All of a sudden, swimming felt effortless, and I could actually feel my kick helping to propel me through the water. I can’t wait to get back into the pool today to reinforce these skills. I will definitely be recommending your DVD to friends who are struggling with swimming as I have for so long. Your videos have definitely helped me progress with my swimming, and I’m sure my tri times next summer will prove it!”

– Bill Pritchett, Michigan

…something really clicked yesterday.
“I want to thank you for your coaching! I just wanted to let you know that something really clicked yesterday and I dropped my single arm stroke cycle from an average of 26 to 14 at the 25 yard pool. A nearly 40% improvement literally overnight! I just couldn’t believe the sensation of gliding, rolling, etc! Thank you for helping me enjoy swimming for the rest of my life!”

– Bill Yee, Cupertino, CA
Beginner Triathlete

…so encouraged I am considering stepping up my training.
manny-hernandez“Overall I attribute my swimming improvement to this program. I improved my time on a 200 meter swim by 45 seconds. I never would have accomplished this without your program. I signed up for my first open water triathlon last year before I had any experience with Tri Swim Pro. I was very concerned about the open water swim. However, given the improvements I have seen so far in my swimming, I am now looking forward to training for that event. I am so encouraged I am considering stepping up my training to an Olympic Triathlon distance swim.”

– Manny Hernandez

…was able to go into the swim with confidence.
vivienne-kennedy“I used the Essentials program for my first triathlon swim and it was excellent training. I was able to go into the swim with confidence that I would be able to swim the distance, although not in record time – but be confident that I could confidently participate. Now that I have seen the TriSwim Pro, I would say the same thing – the drills were excellent in developing great technique. The videos are great so that you can see exactly what it is you are supposed to be doing. I like with the TriSwim that you have access to others’ experiences, which sometimes are similar to that which I have experienced, and ultimately helps with overall learning and increased confidence. This program also allows me to train when it’s convenient for me & not to have to train according to someone else’s schedule – yay!”

– Vivienne Kennedy


Our goal is to get you ready for your next race!

We want to work together in a fun, collaborative environment, where your success is a reflection of the quality of our trainings.

We are in this together, no matter what part of the globe you are living in, and what part of the season.

If you are ready to get started on your journey to getting rid of poor swim techniques, overtraining, and the loss of fun in your triathlon training sessions, Don’t Wait… Grab Your Spot Inside “Tri Swim Success Pro” Right Now!

For less than $1/day — you will get a comprehensive plan to slash your race times to the bone.

Wouldn’t that be great?

You do not have to suffer through overtraining any more… and deal with annoying injuries. The program is designed for you to get the most out of every workout without doing TOO much.

Simply using superior swim techniques, and following our easy 1-2-3 formula will give you a competitive edge that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our comprehensive plan will start to work within weeks, step-by-step. Before you know it, your race times will start plummeting!

It’s a small investment in your triathlon skills that could literally shave minutes off your triathlon time and achieve the new record you always wanted to achieve while enjoying every second of the race.

Don’t Wait… Grab Your Spot Inside “Tri Swim Success Pro” Now!

Go into your race with confidence and clarity about what you need to do, and exactly how you’re going to do it.

– Be able to get air on every breath- even in choppy or crowded conditions.

Leap ahead of your competition instead of trailing in their wake.

– Never have to worry about using up all your energy in the swim.

Finish your swim with plenty of energy left over for your bike and run.

– And finally, be able to improve your overall race times while having more fun on the course.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

To get started, just scroll below, click on the “Add to Cart!” button.


Yes Kevin! I Want To Improve My Race Times Right Now. Give Me Instant Access to Tri Swim Success, Step-by-Step Online Triathlon Swim Training Program, Foundational Breathing Method, Open Water Swim Success, and Bonuses!

Tri Swim Success Pro
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Tri Swim Success Pro is now fully booked and registrations are therefore closed. A waitlist is up right now. When a spot opens up we will let waitlisters know in the order they entered their names on the list.

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I understand I will have a full 60 days to review Tri Swim Success. If I am not 100% delighted with this powerful program, I can contact you for a prompt refund with no questions asked.

Let’s do this, together!

Kevin & Chris
Tri Swim Coaches

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answer: As low as $347/year (for less than $1/day) gets you access to Tri Swim Success Pro. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

Answer: You get instant access to the secure customer area on my website. Just login with your username and password and start watching the streaming videos immediately in full-screen HD quality.

Answer: Yes! You can watch on any device, tablet or phone that can access the web.

Answer: Yes, we have a specific plan laid out for many different types of training schedules and levels of experience.

Answer: Yes, All Access Pass members will have access to me through the members-only Facebook Group and private email. There will also be a monthly chat session for members.

Answer: Yes, it’s part of New Level & All Access Pass. You can get a swim stroke analysis by Kevin. We have a section in the member-only area where members can upload their videos. The more you can show of your stroke, the better analysis you will get. All Access Pass is an add-on to our Tri Swim Success Training. It gives our members access to more resources and unlimited video swim stroke analysis.

Answer: Great question! Hands down, freestyle swim technique is the most frequently used one in triathlons. That’s the first one we will start on mastering.

While cross training on the different strokes is a good idea, I don’t recommend doing it until you’ve got freestyle licked.

That’s why I do not cover stroke technique info on the other three strokes — backstroke, butterfly, and breastroke until later in the program.

The good news I will cover all of these techniques in “plain English” and as easy to put into action as is possible.

Answer: Of course! You have a 60-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not thrilled with what you learn, just email me and say, “Thanks, but this was not quite right for me.” I’ll refund your purchase promptly, and we’ll still be friends. It’s that simple. You have no risk and nothing to lose.


Don’t Wait… Grab Your Spot Inside “Tri Swim Success Pro” Right Now!


Disclaimer: As with any exercise or athletic activity there is always a risk of injury. While we can not guarantee how much of a time improvement you may see in your race times, we can say that our members who follow our step-by-step system exactly as it is presented do see a reduction in their race times. Before starting any exercise program, including ours, please see your doctor to make sure you are good enough physical condition do so. Neither Kevin Koskella, any member of TriSwim Coach, or it’s designated representatives assume any liability for your physical well-being.