My Thanksgiving Shopping List

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Shopping on ThanksgivingDear TSC crew,

If you live in the US, chances are you will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday and thus “Black Friday” on Friday. I hate the commercialism of Black Friday with its bargain sales starting at midnight and the ensuing chaos; people running over each other in an effort to grab that uber sized flat screen TV or the latest Tickle-me-Elmo.  Seeing people act this way is the stuff of dystopian novels. As much as I hate the chaos, I love the sales on swim and fitness gear, which fortunately many people pass over. Even if you are not in the US and celebrate Thanksgiving, you can still benefit from some awesome deals online.

Here is what is on my shopping list:

  1. Tempo trainer also known as a “Wetronome”: This nifty little device slides under your swim cap and beeps each time you should stroke. Knowing that many swimmers including myself have a slow turnover, using a tempo trainer eliminates that dead spot in your stroke and thus increases speed
  2. Fun swim caps: I like to stand out in the crowd and have fun at the same time. I therefore love “expressing” myself with swim caps of all colors and logos. Last year, I found one with Frosty the Snowman on it–a bargain! Moreover, sometimes stores will throw in a pair of goggles or give you a discount if you buy a bulk variety pack. A pack should last you a whole year if you are swimming often
  3. Swim and Tri suits: Swim suits and tri suits are expensive, so when they go on sale I snap them up. As far as sizing, see the quote below.
  4. New wetsuits: The winter is when you should start thinking about what you need for the upcoming season since prices are so low. Snapping up a wetsuit would be a wise investment.
  5. Swim watch: I hate counting laps and usually lose count. This all changed when I invested in a Garmin to do the work for me. I particularly like the Garmin 910xt (if you are a triathlete), the Garmin swim (if you just swim), and the Suunto Ambit (if you like to wear the watch throughout the day).

As far as where to shop, most swim and triathlon deals are better online. I like,, and From what I have experienced, they have the best deals, variety, and customer service. Happy shopping–I mean swimming! (please note: I have NO affiliation with these stores or sponsorship. They do not give me kickbacks or commision)

Coach Chris and Kev