My Indian Green Monster

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After our last post, which left me feeling run down and depressed, I think we need a good “recovery” post.

We all know that post workout fuel is important to restore your body’s glycogen stores and help with building back broken down muscles. Your body is also in an acidic state with the kidneys working in overdrive to clean out toxins and restore pH levels. If you are chomping down on processed candy bars or guzzling drinks which companies have disguised with the misleading words “high protein” and “all natural,” you may be taxing your body even more.  If you are craving something fresh and natural to reward yourself try this recipe for “My Indian Monster” (chocolate chai):


2 cup organic unsweetened almond milk (not pictured but I use Whole Food’s 365–Note Whole Foods does not sponsor me but if any WF reps are reading this, I would gladly sport a WF Speedo or race kit),

40g Vegan chocolate Shakeology but you can use any protein powder. I like this the most because it is not only full of amino acids from plant based sources, it also includes anti inflammatory spices and digestive enzymes.

4oz. Kale,

1 tsp  each of vanilla, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon

2 cups brewed Chai tea

1 tbsp turmeric

1 cup ice


Blend in blender and bottoms up!

There are many variations to this recipe including using frozen spinach instead of kale, coconut milk instead of almond, adding in more cacoa powder etc.



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