Moving, the DMV, and traveling to Austin, TX for the Longhorn 70.3 Triathlon

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It’s been a heckuva couple of weeks!

Today is the pinnacle of craziness in my life. I split with my wife in August, and 30-day notice was given September 1st for our apartment. So last week I lined up a new apartment to move in October 9th. In the mean time, I also booked a flight to Austin, Texas, where the Longhorn Ironman 70.3 Triathlon is being held Oct 3-5th. I also have tenants moving out of a rental property I own in the Austin area, and I will be picking up the keys from them and living there for a few days while I attend the race as a vendor.

So I just realized a few days ago that I have an expired license and needed to head to the DMV to renew it. Well I finally got around to that today, and showed up first thing in the morning. Two hours of waiting later, my number came up. I spoke with the bureaucrat briefly, only to find out I had a fine from a traffic ticket I got in Arizona in 1996 that I had to take care of before they could proceed with the renewal.

Easy fix right?


I called the Arizona motor vehicle dept and the bureaucrat referred me to the court where I would have to call and pay my fine. I called the court and this bureaucrat said I would have to call the collection agency. Fine, I though, I’ll pay the $145 with a credit card and go back to the DMV to get my license renewed. NO! The collection agency does not take credit cards over the phone!

So, I had to go to the bank, get a cashier’s check, and overnight it to them. I also rescheduled my flight to arrive Oct 1st instead of my planned Sept 30th. But now, I’m not even sure if I’ll have enough time to get everything processed so I can renew my license so I can rent a car in Austin! I’m relying on the bureaucracies to work fast to process everything. Is this possible? Can it happen? My trip has already changed in scope, as I had a planned meeting on the 30th that I had to cancel. I may have to put off my trip yet another day. The problem is, I don’t have a place to live for 2 days then!

Beyond that, I’m still trying to sell off furniture, and pack my stuff for storage.
And squeeze in a swim here and there.

Beyond all that, I’m looking forward to the Longhorn race. I attended last year and had a great time. The race directors, Cathy and Keith, are awesome! And last time I met a lot of really nice people and collected some emails for my list.
This year, I will be bringing a box of my Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD’s to have for sale at the event. And, if anyone reading this is down for a rely (I do the swim), post a comment on this blog and I’ll see if we can still get into the race.

Happy Autumn!