Morning Workouts

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Ever do a morning workout and feel like you’re struggling, even though just the day or two before you felt great?

Often times, this is due to your body lacking the calories it needs to perform the activity you set out to do.

I meet people all the time that say they skip breakfast before their morning workout.

Think of how crazy this is!

You’ve just been asleep for 7-8 hours. You probably ate dinner 2 hours or more before you went to bed. This means your body has gone for 9-10 hours without any food!

The key to having a good morning workout will be to get the proper nutrition. Just think quick snack, consisting of carbohydrates and protein, i.e:
-hard boiled egg whites & 1/2 piece of toast (preferably rye or whole grain)
-1/2 energy bar containing protein
-banana with a little peanut butter
-lowfat cottage cheese with banana

And don’t forget the water! You’ve also just gone for up to 10 hours without water and your body could be in a state of dehydration.

Have your snack ready to go in the morning so there’s little or no preparation time and you can just eat and go. By the time you drive to the pool or the gym, the energy should be kicking in!