Michael Phelps: Does he have a pot problem?

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After hearing the news yesterday of Phelps being caught on camera toking from a bong, I had to wonder why, in this day and age, this is even news.

If we had learned that he celebrated his 8 gold medals by drinking a few beers, would this be front page news?
The reality is, marijuana, while not the most healthy thing he could be doing, is less damaging than the alcohol in those beers. Why does the news of Phelps’ pot smoking make any kind of news?

Because it’s against the law in most places, and for some reason, we are still at the point in the world where it is socially unacceptable, even though drowning oneself in alcohol and doing much more damage, is perfectly okay.

I certainly don’t condone smoking pot, and I myself do not smoke it. I believe there are far better uses of one’s time and brain than to get wasted.

But I have far more issues with Phelps’ endorsement of the sugary Frosted Flakes and his junk food diet than I do of his smokage of the weed.