Matt Hoover: The Biggest Loser is doing Ironman Hawaii!

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Last night, I attended the tri club san diego’s monthly meeting, and had the pleasure of seeing guest speaker Matt Hoover talk about his journey from losing 157 pounds on TV’s The Biggest Loser, to now training for the Ironman this October!

It was definitely an inspirational story. His success with weight loss started with simply being honest with himself. I found it interesting that he said he never actually thought of himself as a fat guy! He said people in his community in Iowa would say things like “you carry your weight well”, and he believed that for a long time. When he got honest with himself (self-acceptance), he was able to start bringing down the weight.

The Ironman he is training for is another huge challenge of course, both mentally and physically.

I really liked his message about enjoying the process as much as the race itself. I also loved his points about taking the opportunities that are given to you in life, and realizing that no matter where you are in life, you can accomplish so much more!