Masters Swimming for Triathlon – Issue #6

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I hope your summer triathlon season went well! Now that we’re coming into the off- season (with the exception of a few races in the warmer places!), this newsletter will feature a combination of articles, product reviews, sample workouts, and off-season plans every 3 weeks. The product reviews are unbiased and I do not earn any kind of commission on the links I may provide.

Feel free to send in your comments or suggestions on what we can do better, what kind of information you like best, or anything else you feel might help this newsletter.

As the cold weather season approaches, stay in the pool! Swimming can be the best sport to focus on over the next few months given the weather (unless you happen to be one of our lucky friends down under!)

Thank you for reading, and stay positive!

P.S. Stay tuned for my new ebook on triathlon swimming survival coming out in November! For now, an tip on masters swimming for triathlon.

Training Tips #6: Master’s Swimming: Move to a slower lane to work on stroke improvement. If you belong to a masters team, don’t feel that you always need to keep up with your lanemates at every workout. Masters teams typically have many people with many different swimming goals. It’s important to do your own thing! Remember that technique comes before all else and if this means swallowing a little pride to make improvements, just think of how much faster you will be for this in the long run.