Letting go and moving forward faster

Posted Ella Villas Articles

Since you are here reading this email, you likely are one of those few people who will actually carry out your plans to improve yourself this year in some way.

If it is swimming, I’d like you to consider something.

Here’s what I’m giving you permission to let go of this year as you pursue your goals:

1. The need to to x amount of yards/meters/laps miles. This often creates a serious problem of letting your inner drill sergeant take over, which leads eventually to de-motivation.

2. The need to “go fast” at all costs. The process is going to be the majority of your work here. Fall in love with the process of fixing your stroke, and you will naturally start to swim faster. But “going fast” as a goal could be counter-productive.

3. The need to stick to a schedule. What? “But coach, if I don’t stick to my schedule, I’ll fall apart, lose my feel for the water, lose my race!” Instead of the schedule idea, think about doing what feels right that day. Some days you just may not feel like swimming. But if you want to create the habit so there’s no thinking going on, think about the mini-habit idea. Your habit is simply packing your swim bag and driving to the pool. There you go! No motivation required. 🙂

What will you let go of this year to get to success in fitness & triathlon, while “laughing at the water” in swimming?