Kicking in Triathlon Swimming – Issue #90

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Kicking in Triathlon Swimming

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Happy end of summer already if you are in the northern hemisphere!

When I work with beginner swimmers (especially in a masters workout setting), it’s often difficult to zero in on one aspect of their stroke to focus on.

When you try to focus on two or more stroke tips as you swim, it becomes impossible to improve. The first thing you need to do when practicing swim technique is to practice one thing at a time.

So assuming you’re a total beginner with lots of potential areas of improvement, where should you start?

While there is not a one-size-fits-all as far as a starting point, most commonly, the missing link for beginners is hip rotation. But, instead of immediately focusing on rotating your hips, a good way to go is start with working on your kick.

Although having a powerful kick is completely unnecessary in triathlon swimming, the kick is extremely important in helping you to balance in the water and rotate.

Read on for a fun way to work on your kick!


“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”
-Samuel Johnson

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Tip of the Month: Vertical Kicking

Practice kicking in a vertical position. This will force you to kick properly, otherwise you will sink!

Let go of the wall as if you are going to tread water. Fold your arms. Kick in place and keep your chin above the water. Start with 15 seconds of kicking at a time, and focus on:

1. Kicking from your hips
2. Minimizing knee bend
3. Keeping your body straight from head to toe (no leaning over)

Do a few rounds of vertical kicking, and then “fall” onto your back, so your brain connects proper kicking in a horizontal position.

Have fun and for more check out the Complete Guide!