Is it you against the world?

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If you’re the competitive type, you will want to read this.

We often get caught up in life with things that are out of our control.


Sports teams.

What other people think of us.

The weather.

Going through life wishing things were different can be quite frustrating.

And the “wishing” comes when it’s something you can’t control.

With swimming and triathlon, some get caught up in what others are doing.

Do they look better than me in a wetsuit?
Can they swim faster?
Did that guy just hit me on purpose?
How can that old lady be passing me???

Okay this can go on and on. The point is you have no way of controlling any of the above, and it’s important to focus on the one thing under your control- your actions.

The beauty of racing is not in the competition with fellow athletes.

It’s your relationship to the clock, which is simply another version of yourself competing.

Some important things to focus on in training and racing that will absolutely lead to better results:

  • Breathing. How are you breathing on land? Shallow chest breaths, or deep belly breaths?
  • Diet. Are you sleepwalking your diet and eating lots of carbs, raising your blood sugar and trying to “burn off” fat? Or do you mostly eat healthy meals with the occasional treat?
  • Mindful workouts. Are you remaining present when you swim, or wishing you were somewhere else?
  • Sleep. Is your room nice and dark? Are you getting enough sleep or cutting corners?
  • Stretching. Are you ignoring tight muscles and hoping they will not develop into injuries?

Go through your checklist and make sure you are changing yourself in a positive way, and let the world take care of itself (including the old lady ahead of you in the next lane!)

Stay present, and befriend the water!