Is it the journey or the destination?

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I attended a lecture last night, the main focus was on why things in the world are actually getting better, not worse as most people think, or as the news would have you believe.

There’s all kinds of reasons for this, but the take away message was that the best time to be alive is right now!

And how can we change things if we’re not happy with our current situation?

Most of the time, it comes down to starting with ourselves. Sometimes this just means being more self-accepting, as we have discussed in the past.

And what the heck does this have to do with swimming & triathlon?

Everything. 🙂

I’ve personally been on a 3-year journey to heal my shoulders, which froze up after a couple decades of wear and tear.

I could easily think back to times when I was doing one mile swims on a regular basis, getting faster and stronger each time and think “things were so much better then”.

But this rehab has been a different kind of journey. Just simply getting in my stretches and exercises is an accomplishment.

On Saturday I swam some laps, and had the least pain I’ve experienced in years! I managed 450 yards straight. It’s a small victory.

But the point is, it’s a victory. Big victories come later, small ones come with the day-to-day dedication of improvement.

No sense in being discouraged about being “slow”. There will always be slower swimmers, and there will always be faster ones.

But the journey is the exciting & rewarding part. Nailing the high elbow pull for the first time, feeling balanced in the water, or feeling a little less out of breath after doing 100 meter repeats.

As Tony Robbins says, your past does not equal your future.

Guess when the best time to start improving is? 🙂

Just keep swimming.