Chloe McCardel

Interview with Chloe McCardel – TSC Podcast #97

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In this podcast, Kevin interviews world class marathon swimmer Chloe McCardel. Points discussed:

-Chloe’s background
-Disadvantages of being a triathlete
-Why distance open water swimming/life lessons
-English Channel crossings and spiritual experiences
-Swimming with sharks
-What Chloe thinks about while swimming
-Cravings while swimming
-World records
-Cuba to US swim & box jellyfish
-Never giving up
-Charity: Swim Across America
-Training for marathon swims
-Loch Ness swims (and the monster)
-Weight gain and cold water
-Avoiding injuries
-Typical mistakes in open water swimming
-The future of marathon swimming
-Chloe’s future plans


Chloe’s Website
Swim Across America:

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