Interview with Mike Bitton – TSC Podcast #64

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Mike BittonIn this podcast, I interview Mike Bitton. Mike Bitton was a PhD candidate at Louisiana State University, racing for both the LSU Cyling and LSU Triathlon teams.  On a training ride he was hit by a large truck and left for dead in the ditch.  Fortunately, fellow cyclists found him, and paramedics, ER room doctors, surgeons, and nurses miraculosuly kept him alive. In the ditch, in the ambulance, in the ER, and in ICU, Mike fought for his life, but never could’ve done it without amazing medical care.  But Mike’s real battle was to just be himself again –  In testament to his hard work, dedication, and his never ending drive to achieve his goal of becoming himself again, despite his brain injuries, shattered vertebrae, etc., Mike shows what he made possible. With the help of many, he beat the odds and achieved more than anybody could have ever expected.

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